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Lekker 500, editie 2015: 'Lekker 500, editie 2015'
'Lekker 500, editie 2015.'

'Een palet van verschillende tradities, ingrediënten en bereidingswijzen. Kom genieten'  

'No doubt, part of Blauw’s popularity is that it’s far slicker than your average hole-inthe- wall. In fact it’s downright pretty; one whole wall is dominated by a striking family portrait, and there’s a balcony. There are candles set into the tabletops to keep plates warm — presumably because it takes so long to meander through the various dishes, which come more or less at once. There is also air-conditioning to counter them.'

Der Feinschmecker november 2011: 'Die besten 5 Asien-Küchen'
'indonesisches Restaurant mit modernem Ambiente ohne Batik-Folklore. Authentische Küche mit Klassikern wie Saté, gado gado oder daging rendang.'  

Louis Vuitton City Guide 2011: 'Blauw'
'No batik hanging, no tinkling gamelan here. But if the restaurant has a hi-tech online booking system and edgy touch-screen, what you get on your plate is deliciously traditional.'

'Agus Hermawan, chefkok van Restaurant Blauw Amsterdam legt uit hoe je de lekkerste kipsaté maakt.'

Sky inflight magazine Delta Airlines: 'Where tot dine?'
'The "rice table" is a feast for the gods.'


Moesson (het Indisch maandblad): 'Ronald Hooft; The man of the moment'
"Adoe, Rob deze sambal goreng boontjes is nog lekkerder dan mijn tante lucie ze maakte... "

'Die Vorspeisen stellen eine Art Renaissance der Indonesischen Küche nach holländisch-kolonialer Art dar.'

Discover Benelux - August 2016: ''
'A tasty explosion for your senses'

CINQ: ''

Foodies: ''
Domba Bakar Pedas met Carmènere

Zie Oud Zuid - Straatspecial Amstelveenseweg: ''
Restaurant Blauw

Discover Benelux - juli 2017: ''
"Serving a palette of traditions"