At Blauw we make you happy with the vibrant colors and tastes of authentic & innovative Indonesian food


At Blauw we make you happy with the vibrant colors and tastes of authentic & innovative Indonesian food

Indonesische rijsttafel Restaurant Blauw

Indonesian cuisine

Every day we are inspired by the beautifully varied Indonesian cuisine.

We combine authentic ingredients with traditional preparation methods, but always with our own touch. Because true Indonesian cooking is done with your heart.

We are inspired by all the different flavors of all the different islands, because just like Indonesia, our kitchen is a beautiful and diverse melting pot.

  • From Indonesian streetfood to traditional dishes
  • Pure ingredients & Authentic
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly
  • An experience in flavors, smells & colors
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Order our internationally awarded rice tables. You can choose from Authentic (fish / meat) and Vegetarian.

Rice tables can be ordered per two persons

Secure payment via iDEAL

Choose between delivery or pick-up

Our takeaway menu includes delicious desserts

2 locations, 2 menus, one family

The menu and our internationally award-winning rice tables are identical at both restaurant locations. We cook according to Chef Hendra's culinary vision. He has ensured that the menu consists of authentic Indonesia experiences based on his own inspiration & influences.

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chef Hendra

Chef Hendra

"Every year I go back to Indonesia to taste new flavors and dishes. We then translate these into our own dishes, straight from the heart."


Of our dishes, locations and people

What others say about us


"Tradition, a “street food” influence, authenticity and purity are the words that best sum up this popular restaurant showcasing the full array of Indonesian cuisine. Its “rice table” provides an excellent opportunity to discover the talent that the chef employs in his seasonings and intense flavours. And don’t forget to order the delicious roasted goat meat!"


"Blauw is the place for perfectly cooked Indonesian food; indeed it's hard to imagine better, even in Jakarta. Perfectly blended flavours, right down to the amuse-bouche of home-made sambal, leave diners swooning with delight."


"The very first time at Blauw I got the best rendang and gulai domba I had ever tasted. So spicy, tender, rich and refined!"

Meta van den Boomen


"Blauw's kitchen is pleasantly soft to spicy. This is culinary Indonesian."


"Restaurant Blauw dares to show color. The kitchen takes street food to a higher level, also with regard to taste and creation."


"The relaxed atmosphere and convivial nature of the shared meal makes it the perfect place to get the gang together."

Blauw in a glass: Gin 7 Rempah

Gin 7 Rempah Blauw is our homemade gin that has been composed entirely to our own recipe, so that it goes extra well with authentic Indonesian food. It gets its characteristic taste because it is made with 7 Rempah = 7 Spices. We serve it as a Gin and Tonic in our restaurants.

gin and tonic gin 7 rempah


A beautiful experience is always valuable. Surprise someone with a gift voucher, our own cookbook or our homemade sambal.

Blauw boek

In our cookbook (Dutch) you will find 70 signature dishes.

Give someone a culinary experience with our Blauw gift voucher.

Sambal potjes

Set of homemade sambal. The flavors of Blauw at home.